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Adana has a great tourism potential with thousands of years of historical backround, immense works of art that have come from the past up to now, the natural beauty of Yumurtalik Karatas coast, the green plateaus of the Toros Mountains, healing water, the variety of the plant and animal species.

The Toros Mountains that cover the north and west part of our province have a convenient natural environment for mountain sports, trekking and hunting tourism. With countless plateaus it is too convenient for the plateau tourism development. The lagoons and the places overgrown with rushes which the Seyhan and Ceyhan create provide countless opportunities for the echo tourism. more

As the summers are very hot it has soon become obligatory for the people of the region to spend the summers in the plateaus. In the plateaus there are alternative tourisms like camping, health tourism, river and canoe tourism, cave tourism and hunting tourism.

Apart from these the other potential of the inner part of Cukurova is the lively economic life. Not only Adana is the largest city and business center, but also it has a remarkable potential of ''Business and Congress Tourism'' with its developed university and traditional social activities. Adana, that is very rich with the historical works of art, the Tumulus Tepebag, historical Grand Clock, mosques, caravanserais, Bazaar and mosaic museum are the places worth seeing.

Adana as every civilization has created a cultural mosaic by transferring its cultural varieties to the following. Hittities, Romans, Arabs, The Beylic Selcuklular, Ramazanogullari, Ottamans, the tribes Turkoman and nomadic Turkoman contributed to assemble various kinds in the culture of the region.

Especiallly with the increasing population in the plain Cukurova in the 19th and 20th century and the important attemps in the agriculture and industrialization produced a great number of changes in the culture of the region. It is very natural to have a rich folklore in Cukurova that was the scene for the life of different civilisations. There is no possiblity to determine which folklore products of the civilisations living in the old ages have come up to now or whose folklore products have become united. The general characteristic of Anatolian folklore is completely seen in the region folklore with some changes.

Our Dialysis Clinics in Adana

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Özel FMC Adana Seyhan Diyaliz Merkezi
Dr. Pınar Ergin

Tel+90 322 232 8852
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Özel FMC Adana Yüreğir Diyaliz Merkezi
Dr. Sıddıg Momin Adam

Tel+90 322 323 0393
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